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Terms & Conditions/ Reservation Agreement

By placing a reservation with Brentwood Franklin Limousines, either by telephone, email, online, or in any other manner, you accept and agree, without limitation or qualification, to the following Terms and Conditions, and you further expressly authorize Brentwood Franklin Limousines to charge your credit card in full for all charges relating to your reservation.

Brentwood Franklin Limousines shall not be held responsible for late arrivals caused by, but not limited to, acts of God/nature, incorrect pickup or drop off information provided by the customer, or any situation out of our control, (such as loss of GPS due to poor cell phone reception outside of metropolitan areas, bad weather, accidents, traffic or vehicle malfunctions).


Brentwood Franklin Limousines has a non- cancellable policy once the reservation is accepted with a credit card. In event of cancellation, the card will be billed in full. Brentwood Franklin Limousines is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdowns while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date.


Brentwood Franklin Limousines reserves the right to refuse to transport persons under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs, as well as those excessively intoxicated, in the possession of firearms or dangerous substances of any kind, or who are, or are likely to become objectionable to other persons or if the chauffeur feels threatened in any way. Under no circumstances is anyone under the age of 21 permitted to consume alcohol. Violation will result in early termination of service with NO refunds. Smoking of any kind in all vehicles is strictly prohibited.  Smoking and Vaping in the vehicle by the client or any passengers will result in an automatic $250 minimum charge and may result in early termination of service with NO refund. Loading vehicles beyond the maximum capacity is NOT permitted. By accepting services offered by Brentwood Franklin Limousines, you forfeit your right to dispute the charges via your credit card company for rides terminated due to any prohibited actions & behavior described in these terms and conditions.


Customers are responsible for his/her guest and for any and all damage to the interior, exterior or equipment in or on the vehicle. This includes but is not limited to: gum, wine, alcohol spillage, glitter, smoking, vomit, broken glassware, decanters, lights, TVs, gaming systems, electronics, excessive trash etc.  The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental period by them or any members of their party. If, during or after the transportation service, the company is required to expend an extended amount of time and materials to clean the vehicle due to acts of the client or any passengers the company, at its discretion, will charge client additional fees to cover such expense. Excessive cleaning and damage to the vehicle in any way caused by actions of the client or any passengers will be charged a minimum of $250.


Brentwood Franklin Limousines works with various affiliate limousines in the Metropolitan area. In case of unforeseen circumstances, we may use our one of our affiliate services to ensure guaranteed pick up.   


You acknowledge that you have read our terms and conditions listed above and you are the authorized purchaser for this rental agreement, the authorized cardholder for the given credit card and/or responsible party liable for payment of the total amount due. No personal checks accepted. By accepting services offered by Brentwood Franklin Limousines, you forfeit your right to dispute the charges via your credit card company or bank for services rendered and/or for any violations listed based on the terms listed in the TERMS and CONDITIONS.